Shaping our City | Connectivity

Arup’s Melbourne Office hosted their latest forum around the future of Melbourne, Shaping our City: Connectivity – how physical, social and virtual connections impact our daily lives, as well as the governance and economics needs of our city.

On Thursday, 22 August, Arup invited five prominent thinkers to discuss the changes on the horizon for Melbourne’s connectivity.

“Cities are increasingly having to compete with each other to attract not only businesses, but the young upwardly mobile 18 to 35 year olds, who are the engine of our dynamic economy with new ideas and businesses. Connectivity is key to providing them with a city landscape that is vibrant and easy to do business in, and that allows them to create communities. If we fail to address the issue of connecting people to jobs, to each other, and to the experiences of our city we will fall behind other world class cities.”
Mark Vassarotti, Group Leader | Economics

The panel was moderated by Narelle Hooper – Former Editor of Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine. Each panellist was invited to speak on what connectivity means to them in their specialist area and the impact each one has on shaping of our city.

  • Linc Horton - General Manager Property, Melbourne Airport who focused on physical connectivity

  • Michael Haines - CEO and Director ‘Virtual Australia and New Zealand Initiative” who focused on virtual connectivity

  • Sarah Dugdale - Coordinator Arts and Cultural Development, City of Greater Dandenong who focused on social connectivity

  • Mark Vassarotti - Group Leader | Economics, Arup who focused on the economic drivers for connectivity

  • Justin Madden - Shadow Minister for Innovation and Small Business, Tourism and Major Events who focused on the governance needs of our city with respect to connectivity

“In terms of the social element, we need to have more business cases that understand the complexity of all life not just the return on investment.” Statement from the audience.

The next series of Shaping our City is planned for February 2014. Please contact Monica Hatcher if you have any suggestions on topics, speakers and/or if you would like to attend

Have your say: Last month, the Business Council of Australia released a long term Economic Action Plan. It covers nine action areas - including regional and city planning, infrastructure, innovation and education - to be phased over 10 years. The BCA has been consulting across the community and is keen to encourage community thought and discussion on actions that need to be taken to achieve goals and aspirations in three interconnected areas:

  • a strong economy and full employment

  • a strong society and improving living standards

  • growing sustainably

Listen to the Event

Paul Simpson’s introduction, Narelle Hooper and Panellists - Download.

Questions from attendees - Download.